CEMIC (Carbon Emission Managed Industries Confederation ) :

An innovative Industrialistion concept for protection of Planet and Opportunties for all Climate Change and its effects are the main focus of debate through out the world among the Policy Makers,Scinetists,industrialist,business people ,Governments and UN organizations and responsibility of dangerous climate variations invoking Global warming is attributed lately to anthropogenic activities without concern for the Planet. Melting of glaciers ,rise in sea lvels,unbearable temperatures ,food security, health hazards are challenges arising out of Climate Change. Along with unemployment, health hazards, Agrarian crisis and various population and community Empowerment issues, income, credibility and wealth concentrations are constantly creating human conflicts, poverty and migration of people, arrogant and violent encroachment of Natural Resources, Disasters and tragedies affecting dignity of peope and development of States and Nations.

Corporate actions are instrumental to development but large scale industrialization without caring the environmental crisis is inviting tremendous constraints in the world and the strong arm of science advancements and research opportunities are helping only those with access to power houses, Government ,Financial institutions or having so much wealth concentration and they are least bothered about the dangers posed to Planet and the climatic variations and its impact on life on earth. Here the need to “Corporatization with Social Responsibility “has become the need of the hour. ESCON committed to Ecological conservations, food security and development without inflicting long term problems to the planet has vowed to develop the grass root people as Entrepreneurs, Farmers, Service Providers and scientific talented people through instruments of sustainable income and dignity by integrating them with Nature .CEMIC (Carbon Emission Managed Industries Confederation) is a Nature friendly Industrialization Initiative with zero pollution technologies to fit for such Life styles of people that can contribute towards a Resilient Planet as well as dignified life for human beings without discriminations on the basis of financial or assets holdings and making every human being as an important entity for the Planet Earth .

CEMIC envisages to facilitate Micro, Medium and small Industries involving such individuals and Entrepreneurs who have a concern for the Mother Earth’s sustainability and resilience. Also it aims to assist rural folks, farmers, women, coastal communities, technically talented persons and people with scientific aptitude towards building net work of Emission Free Industries by managing the emissions towards raw materials and products which will not hit the atmosphere. Environmental costing ,affordability and pollution reduction systems are key to CEMIC industrialization facilitation .Alternative industries are key to Carbon Dioxide, Methane and other dangerous green house gases emissions and creation of business opportunities ,livelihood options and application of technologies in practical ways without making human beings as spent forces is vital for achieving the same. Further saving and helping communities due to unexpected Climate Disasters like tsunami, cyclone, hurricanes, flood, drought etc. requires high skills of for both Adaptations and Mitigations and CEMIC creates facilities towards the needed Skill empowerments for people residing in various geographical habitations to meet the demand.

CEMIC is planning to involve people and organizations to build a chain of Environment Conscience industries and organized Production, processing and marketing systems that can cater to the needs of development and poverty eradication in place of large scale and extravagant industrialization scaling up pollution .