Project Envisaged by ESCON for “HARITHA BHARATHAM”(GREEN BHARATH) through Green Economic Management”(GEM) for Sustainable Development and Address Climate Change :

National Alliance for Green Panchayats (NAGP).
National Alliance for Clean Cities.(NACC).
Carbon Emission Managed Industries Confederation (CEMIC) .
National Initiative for Clean Energy (NICE) .
Alliance for Biodiversity Conservation and Afforrestation (ABCA) .
Grassroots Alliance for Carbon Credit Opportunities (GACCO) .
Sustainable Training & Empowerment Program (STEP).
National Alliance for Clean Rivers & Origins of Water Sources (NACROWS) .
Communication & Information Technology Alliance (CITA) .
National Alliances Against Diseases & Health Assistance (NAADHA ) .
National Alliance for Trees & Medicinal Plants (NATMP).
Coastal Area & Marine Ecological & Livelihood Security Net (CAMELS Net) .
Indian Social Security Net (ISSA).
ACCA SHG Groups.
ESCON Community Scientists Action Net (ECSAN) .
National Indigenous Cows Safety Organizations Net (NICSON) .
Organic India-2020.
Eco Housing & Infrastructure Alliance (EHIA) .
Clean Rivers, Eco Development & International Tourism Plan (CREDIT Plan).
Solid Waste Interventions & Managent (SWIM).
RAY (Raithu Anandha Yagnam).
Freedom from Pollution .
Skill Empowerment for Development & Adaptations (SEDA).