Action Programs:

ACCA(Area Climate Change Action)Group formations.
Integration of other groups and institutions .
Organic Farming and Organic Certification.
Fair Trade Facilitations.
Forwards and Backward linkages.
Project Design and Developments.
Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives Climate Change Mitigation actions Farm Waste Management and enrichment of soil initiatives.
Bio fertilizers and Pesticides interventions.
Development and supply of Bio pesticides.
Recycling of Panchayat and Muncipal Solid Wastes.
Facilitation of Rural Swatha Bharath Programs in collaboration with Panchayats.
Tree plantation, Community Forest Development and afforestations.
Rural Clean Drinking Water development & Rural Sanitation.
Irrigation ,Water harvesting and Water Management.
Bio mass energy developments and Farm Equipments manufacturing.
Seed Development, Procurement and Supply .
Clean Energy Promotion Programs like Solar,Wind,Bio Mass, and Hydrolgical energy development.
Farm Management Interventions & Post Harvest facilitations.
Marketing Interventions.
Horticulture, Floriculture, Pisciculture, Live stock Development and Interventions.
Natural Farming Indigenous Cow Protection and Cow based Agriculture Eco system Development Water body improvement and conservation.
Rural Roads, Drain development, Eco Housing, Income Generation Activities.
Gender Equity and Children care.
Old Age Homes,Destitues Support Nursery Development Implementation of Any Project suggested by grass root partners.
Integrated Rural Development, Land Development and Corporate Farming as per ESCON Concept.
Drought interventions ,Disaster Management, Computer Literacy and IT Promotion Programs.
Coordination and partnering with Local Panchayats, Government,UN,Banks and other Agencies.
Facilitating Professionals and Technocrats towards Green Development.
Coastal Area conservation and Development & Fishermen protection Welfare of Tribals and Hill Area Protection and Interventions & Promotion of Agro based industries.
River Cleaning and maintenance & Micro and Small Industries Development.
Taking up all and any action conducive towards the objectives of Green Panchayats and Green Development.